The Snowman

First of two movies I’ve been working on this year is out in cinemas on Friday.   

I co-produced the extensive additional photography shoot in London for Working Title – all done in the relative comfort of Twickenham and Pinewood Studios, so I didn’t get to freeze my arse off in the Norwegian snow like the principal photography crew must have done!

Trailer copyright Universal 2017

Neptune Hailsham

Tucked away in the little town of Hailsham in East Sussex is the rather stylish oasis of interior design and desirable objects known as Neptune Hailsham.   I did my first shoot for these guys a couple of years ago.  It was also my first ever commissioned ‘interiors’ shoot, so was pleasantly surprised when two different sets of images from that shoot were used as double page spreads in both Absolute Brighton and Sussex Life.


Neptune Hailsham’s owners, Toby and Tania MacPherson, were kind enough to ask me back earlier this year year, this time to shoot images intended for their website and other publicity material.  Click on the image below to see the full set:

Neptune Hailsham 2017







I ♥️The New York Times!

Last year I subscribed to the New York Times online. I wanted an additional perspective to my usual UK newpaper sites.  As an unexpected bonus, I discovered a paper that still truly believes in the power of the photo essay.  

Today’s article with Andre D. Wagner’s excellent black and white Brooklyn street photography is a good example.

How many other broadsheet newspapers regularly give photography features the prime position on their online front page?   Twelve months into my subscription, I couldn’t be happier.

Is this a post-Brexit thing?!

I did NOT set this up!

Whilst walking to pick up my son from school, something on the ground caught my attention …

Post-Brexit Brighton?

That just made my day.

I’d love to know who took the time to do this!

Doha Hotel Room Mix

Soundtrack to my week. Mixed on a laptop, in my hotel room, without headphones. I think it works though …!

Kodak brings back EKTACHROME Film!!!

Finally some good news in the news as Kodak Brings Back a Classic with EKTACHROME Film

However politically f***ked up things were in 2016, and however many great musicians and actors we lost, there were two small glimmers of positivity …. vinyl music sales overtook digital for the first time in ages, and the resurgence of film was strong enough to convince Kodak to bring back Ektachrome. Neither of which is going to save the world or raise the dead, but surely both signs that the world has not entirely gone mad!
Over the past couple of years I have fallen in love with Fuji’s reversal / slide films, Provia and Velvia. Especially Velvia. Slide film has a gorgeously distinctive and vibrant look, and is ideal for scanning. Its far easier to get the colours right scanning slides rather than negatives. Aesthetically nothing compares, and I find it a perfect analogue acquisition format for integrating into a digital post production workflow. Kodak had discontinued the last of their reversal films back in 2012 and since Fuji have announced the death of several film stocks over the past couple of years, it seemed entirely possible that we could soon end up with no commercially available slide films.

Whilst writing this I noticed the availability of another slide film, Agfa Photo Precisa 100, which rather took me by surprise as I had thought Fuji was the only option.  However, according to FirstCall Photographic’s website, Agfa Photo Precisa 100 is relatively new on the market and not actually manufactured by Agfa at all, but is re-branded Fuji Provia being sold at half the price.  So it seems that Fuji really is the only manufacturer of slide film at the moment.

Whilst its great to find Agfa promoting a cheaper alternative to branded Fuji Provia, Kodak’s announcement that they will re-launch Ektachrome is in an entirely different league.  Kodak refer to Ektachrome as a professional film stock with its own distinctive look.  Apparently it will be available in the fourth quarter of 2017.  I can’t wait to try it.



Billionaire Ransome (aka. “Take Down”)

A film I co-produced in 2014/2015, “Take Down” is now called “Billionaire Ransome” and is out for release on 19th August 2016 in the US.  Not sure about UK release, but hopefully soon.

Directed by Jim Gillespie and starring Jeremy Sumpter, Phoebe Tonkin, Sebastian Koch, Ashley Walters, Dominic Sherwood and Ed Westwick.

Here are the poster and trailer …

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie – Trailer

Ab Fab: The Movie is about to be released in the UK by Fox.  Its going to be great fun, but take a look at the trailer below and pay particular attention to the bald bloke in the background at Nobu about 23 seconds in to the trailer … yup, that’s me! Huge privilege to be asked to come in to line produce the London re-shoots, but quite a surprise to find that I also made it into the trailer.  So much for my lifelong attempts to hide away the other side of the camera!

Trailer embedded from You Tube and copyright Fox Searchlight.